Planning & Community Development

The Planning & Community Development Department is responsible for:

  • Site Plan Review
  • Subdivision Review
  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Town Plan Implementation
  • Updating Zoning and Subdivision Regulations
  • Development Guidance
  • Staff to the Planning Board

Our Team

Office Hours

Monday through Friday
8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Contact Information

(518) 562-6850
Fax: (518) 563-8396


The Planning Department works with the Planning Board.

Application Forms

Affidavit (Download to Use Fillable PDF)
Long Form SEQRA – Part1 (PDF)
Long Form SEQRA – Part2 (PDF)
Long Form SEQRA – Part3 (PDF)
Short Form SEQRA (PDF)
SEQRA Form Assistance (external link)
Site Plan Application (Download to Use Fillable PDF)
Subdivision Application (Download to Use Fillable PDF)

3% Escrow Fee Forms
(after planning board approval)

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