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  • Town Records
  • Marriage Licenses
    • ****Please arrive before 3:30 pm for issuance of Marriage Licenses****
    •  The following documents are required, NO EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE:
      • Valid driver’s license;
      • Original Birth Certificate, or Certified Copy with raised seal;
      • If previously married, Divorce Decree or Death Certificate must be provided.
    • Cost is $40.00 cash, check or credit card
    • Marriage license is valid for 60 days
  • Death and Birth Records for the Town of Plattsburgh
  • Processing of Handicapped Parking Permits – Temporary and Permanent
  • Processing of FOIL Requests (forms below)
  • Dog Licenses (see Dog Control section below)
  • Forms, Applications and Permits in sections below.

Next Town Board Meeting is 7-17-2024 at the Town Hall – agenda available here (.zip archive file).

Click Here for New Policy Regarding Participation in Town Board Meetings.

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Town Clerk Hours

Monday through Wednesday
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
9:00 am – 5:30 pm
9:00 am – 4:00 pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

Contact Information

Town Clerk:
(518) 562-6830
Fax: (518) 563-8396

Dog Control:
Contact Town Clerk

Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics

The Plattsburgh Town Clerk is the Registrar of Vital Statistics, the official keeper of birth, death and marriage records in a community. The Registrar also issues burial permits and will assist those conducting genealogical searches.

See Town of Plattsburgh Applications, Forms & Permits below.

Note: if you were born in CVPH Medical Center, your Birth Certificate is located in the City Clerk’s office. Their contact info is as follows:

Office Hours & Location:
41 City Hall Place Plattsburgh, NY (Second Floor)
Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Contact Information:
Sylvia Parrotte City Clerk
Office: (518) 563-7702
Fax: (518) 5625844

Further information can be obtained from the New York State Department of Health at:

Town Board Meetings

Town Board Meetings & Minutes

The Town Clerk is the recording secretary for the Town Board, and attends all Town Board meetings. The Clerk is the author of the minute books, the only official record of the activities of the Town government. The resulting volumes are retained permanently for legal and historic purposes.

Minutes are posted online on the Town Board page, and are available by request. Board meetings are recorded and uploaded to the Town of Plattsburgh, NY YouTube Channel for viewing as well.

Under the Freedom of Information Law (FOIL), minutes and other town records, are available to the public. An Application for Public Access to Records is available under the Freedom of Information Law FOIL section below.


Dog Control

Dog Control


If you are in an emergency situation with a dangerous dog, contact 911. If you or someone you know has been bitten by a dog please seek medical attention. You can also contact the Clinton County Health Department to file a bite report for Rabies safety. If you wish to file Dangerous Dog paperwork, contact the Town Clerk. Paperwork will be emailed or mailed to you to fill out and file with the Town Court system.

Helpful Information

All neighbor versus neighbor complaints are considered a non-emergency complaint and will be handled during normal business hours only.

Complaints are documented, a warning letter is sent to the dog owner, if the issue continues and they are in violation of local dog control laws or noise ordinances the complainant may make a written complaint and a ticket may be issued.

If you need to contact Dog Control – contact the Town Clerk at phone number (518) 562-6830. Calls are returned Monday – Friday between 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM following the Plattsburgh Town Clerk’s office hours and holiday schedule.

****Please note: any dog issues within the Plattsburgh City limits are handled by the Plattsburgh City Police Department (518) 563-3411.****

What To Do If You Find A “Lost” Dog

  1. If there is a dog at large keep your children and any pets away from the dog.
  2. Contact the Town Clerk at (518) 562-6830 to report the lost dog during business hours.
  3. We will first do everything we can to try to reunite the dog with it’s owner. Social media is the fastest way to get the word out about a “found” dog. If the dog’s owner has not been located within a reasonable amount of time the Dog Control Officer will come out when possible to pick the dog up and it will be brought to the Elmore SPCA.
  4. If the dog is not friendly, do not try to contain the dog or put it in your vehicle. It may bite out of fear. If the Town Clerk’s Office is unavailable contact a local law enforcement agency such as the Clinton County Sheriffs Department or the NY State Police.


Dog License Information

Dog License Information

The Town of Plattsburgh in accordance with New York State Law requires that all dogs that reside in the Town of Plattsburgh that are over 4 months of age be licensed at your local municipality.

Establishing Dog Licensing Fees – Local Law No. 1 of 2011 (PDF)

The current fee schedule and requirements needed are listed here:
Dog License Fees (updated 09/2021)

The application for a dog license can be found here:
Dog License Application (updated 09/2021)

Please return the completed application, required documentation and fee (see the fee schedule above) to The Town Clerk’s Office located at 151 Banker Rd, Plattsburgh NY 12901. Checks or Money Orders should be made out to “Town of Plattsburgh.”

RENEW Your Dog's License Online

As long as the Rabies certificate is still valid (it can’t be within 30 days of expiring), you can renew your Dog’s License by clicking below:

The only log-in information you will need is your Dog’s License#/Tag# and your last name.

The fee to pay by Credit, Debit or Electronic Check is $1.75 (the same as at our window with a card).

If you prefer to avoid the fee you are welcome to simply mail a check, money order or come into the Town Clerk’s office with cash.

If you would like to submit the new rabies certificate to us for updating the system, please send a picture or scan of the whole certificate via email it to We will let you know by email once they system is ready with the new rabies information.

If you need additional assistance, just call us at 518-562-6830.

Free Rabies Clinic

FREE Rabies Clinic

FREE Rabies Clinic through Clinton County Health Department. You must pre-register, please click below and follow the instructions!