The Town of Plattsburgh is home to the local food icon: The Michigan Dog

A Michigan Dog, or a Michigan as it is commonly referred to, is traditionally a natural casing hot dog in a split top bun, topped with a specially seasoned meat sauce, served with optional mustard and onions which you can order on top or buried under the sauce.

Michigans arrived in Plattsburgh sometime in the 1920s. Although we aren’t sure of their exact origin, everyone has their own story of where the Michigan came from.

However, no matter where it started, the Michigan is “buried” in Plattsburgh culture.

July is Michigan Month in the Town of Plattsburgh. To celebrate this landmark hot dog, the Town of Plattsburgh does an annual Michigan Passport that can be used at all four Michigan restaurants in the Town of Plattsburgh: Gus’ Red Hots, Ronnie’s Michigan Stand, Clare & Carl’s, and McSweeney’s Red Hots. To get your passport, stop by the Town Hall, the Chamber of Commerce, or any of the participating restaurants between 6/30 and 7/31.

The first 25 passport holders to complete and return their passport to Town Hall will receive a free Michigan t-shirt. All participants who return their fully completed passport will receive a Michigan bumper sticker. Deadline to return your passport is August 6th.